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    1. Monetary Wiz

    It's not enough to just read numbers. Your accountant should be able flit through your balance sheet, to sit back on your first visit and give you an instant and accurate reading of the state of your company. Grab your hat, if on first visit they can not do this and make for the door! You need direct and honest guidance and a fantastic accountant can practically feel amounts and business health. They are able to do it well and they may do it forthwith.
    2. Big and Small Picture Thinker

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    This is critical. A great accountant understands the detail of your financial statements. This really is what all accountants are trained to do. But a great accountant goes beyond book balancing and conceptualises and gets the global or structural strengths and weaknesses of your finances. They see and develop exceptional outcomes for your company and give you a roadmap of advice on how exactly to get there.
    3. Have They Grown Their Own Company?

    What is the state of their own company? Is it in sound condition? This does not mean they've created a corporation, but what it does mean is they have a great running company or firm that's healthy and blooming. Have they taken risks? Are they proactive and progressive? Are they in step with the times? Do they employ modern technologies? These are great indicators. Take note if this is occurring and if it is, you may be in the proper place. If not, locate a beanie who's doing just that!
    4. Good Communication

    Does your cpa adhere to account - talk or do they follow best practise plain English as part of their communications policy with customers? Are communications labored and laboured or simplified so there's clarity and mutual understanding? You have let us understand this is certainly one of the single most important qualities to you. Customers tell us they want good, simple, intelligent help. They do not desire to hear about academic theories on the development of tax laws in NZ over the previous thirty years!
    5. What Kind of Team Does Your Accountant Have?

    An excellent accountant isn't frightened to fire team players who are not performing for you, the customer. A fantastic accountant will keep looking for key team players who contribute to an excellent job. They go beyond and above to source team members who deliver not just some financials, but quality financials that maximise your return and without cutting corners. There is no sloppy at Slaters. It's about a great team. From Tina (our simply excellent front of house reception man) through to Harsha, (the leader of our Financials Team) and Beth and Shareena. Great staff - longstanding members over many years - great individuals who work well together for the team and client.
    6. Comprehends An Excellent Business Model.

    It is not just about a set of financials. An excellent accountant gives you the capacity to develop a very great, complete business model over many years. We're proud to say we have customers who have been with us 25 years and some of these have already been challenged to grow and prosper their companies even when it's been painful! Those who've stuck with our huge picture strategies reap the benefits. If your accountant doesn't help you develop a healthful, longterm business model, have a think about moving on.

    Up clear costs and front payments? And we do not mean "bundling bundles." We decided against these some years past in favour of greater transparency. A clear, fixed price that you can pay off or pay in one fell swoop. (Bundling is a monthly payment that can eek away in the background without you ever fully getting the complete price. It's a confusion for clients because they are locked directly into their package and can not ever actually access anything beyond their bundle without paying additional bucks. We don't do that. Not transparent enough for Slaters and we have seen it eventuate into relationship dislocation between partner and client.) Simple to make a meeting? Are there annoying and sneaky hourly rates concealed somewhere in the fine print? An excellent accountant is fully transparent about prices and is also quite reachable. They're easy to speak to and return to you quickly via email, phone calls or free assemblies. At Slaters you can pop in and catch Brad and Brett for no additional cost. That's ease!
    8. Trustworthy

    This really is a biggie. Clients have repeatedly reported that they're really more comfortable having an accountant who is NOT out and around at every social function and assembly. You've told us an amazing cpa isn't boozing it up at the pub and letting loose with your private financial issues. There's a code of ethics to stick to, which has to be taken very, very seriously. A fantastic accountant understands they are working with the financial heart and soul of the customers and their families and honours that advice accordingly.

    These are just a few of the crucial elements you need to look for when sourcing an excellent accountant. We hope it helps you. And remember, if you are looking to alter beanies or locate the one that can really help you, don't hesitate to e-mail us in at the office on brett@slater.co.nz . You can also book a free appointment online here . Make a scheduled appointment and talk with Brett about enhancing your financial future. It's free once you discuss with Brett, and odds are you will come on board with Slaters.

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